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May 25, 2005

5 min. rant: May 25, 2005

Having just read the new paperback release of Dick Morris’s Rewriting History I was caused to go back and reread all of the books on Hillary, including The Case Against Hillary, Last Days, etc.

In years past I have had little use for Dick Morris (the whore-chasing, toe sucking moral cretin who advised the Clintons for so many years), but in reading his subsequent books and watching him in his analytic role as a talking head I have come recognize and respect his abilities in his chosen craft. He is brilliant. Still immoral, but dazzling.

The hours spent rereading all of these works, and reading Morris’s little book bring back to mind all that the Clintons brought down around our heads, and Morris ties Hillary to virtually all of these smarmy activities (except, of course, Bill’s sexual escapades.) Having been on the inside for some 20 years it is hard to doubt him.

So . . . when will the voters of the U.S. wake up and smell the coffee—or will they? I recommend Morris’s book as an arousal mechanism. He lays out Hillary’s management capabilities, recalls her malicious, malevolent streak(s), and makes the case that she is successfully mollifying the public into both forgetting her past, and remaking herself (publicly) as a moderate—which she most certainly isn’t. She is a train wreck waiting to happen!

What with the Clinton’s ability to raise money, Hillary’s reconstructed life of moderation, the advice of the most brilliant politician of the past 50-100 years, and the short-term memories of even the moderates and many conservatives, it is not only possible, but in Morris’s estimation probable, that Hillary will be elected in 2008.

Wake up folks. Recall the devious nature of Hillary. And if you can’t recall, then read Morris’s book. And reread the others if you can spare the time.

This country cannot withstand another Clinton presidency and especially not one with Hillary in the driver’s seat. She would be an absolute disaster. She believed, and still believes that “it takes a village” and all that, and more frighteningly she really is convinced that she can run your life and see to your welfare better than can you.

Remember “Hillary Care” and sweat !! That is what she will do in oh so many other venues. Know that she was party to all manner of electoral malfeasance in winning the senate seat; that she was aware of many of the Clinton pardons—though she denies this—and that on her exit from the White House she stole public property for her own use. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Posted by respeto at May 25, 2005 3:21 PM