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May 4, 2005

South Park Conservatives

(The Revolt against Liberal Media Bias)

Brian C. Anderson – ISBN 0895260190

Welcome to South Park, a comedy production of which I had never heard until I read this book. I watched the show for the first time last night; caustic is the word I’d use to describe it. Funny as hell too, yet Anderson notes that in his interviews with conservative college students he found them bemused by the fact that many of their liberal counterparts—who also love the show--completely miss the point: the “pimping” of what they believe, or at least espouse without questioning the concept(s).

When the writers were asked about the origins of the show one observed that he hates conservatives, but loathes elitism and hypocrisy, most of which is on the Left. It makes a great target for satire, and the show is popular for its transparent demonstration of duplicity and inanity in life.

In recent years the “Right” is beginning to impact seriously upon the “Left” media and culture. Anderson’s fact-rich little tome (165 pages) is a joy to read, especially for those who subscribe to conservative values which are, of course, the long ridiculed norms of Western and particularly American society. It follows the previous books by Bernard Goldberg: Bias and Arrogance, but is different, in that he covers more ground outside the media, per se. He notes, for instance, that WalMart refuses to stock any product which devalues conservative Western norms—and offends its shoppers.

He relates the burial by the Left of the concept of natural law, which is a subject I often debate. Also mentioned is the appearance--over the objections of, and sabotaging by, liberal academe--of conservative clubs and organizations which challenge the disinformation presented in the classrooms of our most institutions of “higher learning.”

The justification by the left of its shameless behavior is noted by quoting a political theorist--Peter Berkowitz: “If we don’t cheat, and steal, and lie, then George W. Bush and John Ashcroft are going to be running the country.” They really do believe that the end justifies the means. Imagine the reaction if a conservative uttered these words.

“Illiberal liberals,” as Anderson calls them, hide behind the charge of racism when questions are raised about the impact of racial preferences, and recalls the regular attacks on the Right for their “bigotry” and “insensitivity,” again in contradistinction to actually discussing the differing opinions and approaches. ‘Til recently the liberal media cocoon protected the Left from such challenges on their excesses . . . no longer.

Cataloguing facts and discussing them in clever and informative ways results in a book which is easy, quick and interesting to read. He discusses how the old Left simply avoids intelligent discussion of different approaches by inveighing against the Right, and describes how the “new media” have impacted upon these evasive devices. Talk radio, the internet and Fox News, to name the most prominent, now make it impossible to cover-up uncomfortable facts, and immediately destroy the misstatements of the Left (recall the Swift Boat Vets and “Rathergate.”)

“While the Right, broadly construed, may no longer be losing the culture wars, it certainly hasn’t won yet.” We can hope it will, eventually. When conservative-hating media elites join in the fun of exposing and bashing the Liberal agenda and its supporters, there may be a chance for Western culture to prevail . . . at least here in what’s left of the West. We need to seriously discuss everything from rabid environmentalism, the war on terrorism, infanticide and euthanasia, to the problems with over-taxation, social security and obscenity in the “media,” amongst other things. Our culture is being destroyed!

I’m reminded of a line from the movie The American President in which “the President” (the Liberal Democrat—in the movie as in life--Michael Douglas) noted that “these are serious times, and they require serious people.” Yea verily! I only wish that he and his ilk understood that they are the unserious, unscrupulous, brain-addled utopian clowns.

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