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July 4, 2005

On Arabs and Islam . . . again.

Last night I had the occasion to see again, after more than 20 years (thanks to NetFlix), the movie Khartoum. For those who can’t remember, or didn’t see this 1966 movie I highly recommend it. It chronicled the historic sacking of Khartoum in 1885 by the army of the Muslim “Mahdi” (chosen one)—a 19th century version of Osama Bin Laden who was convinced that he had been selected by Mohammed to “purify” Islam by killing everyone who didn’t agree with him. Men, women and children . . . Sudanese, Egyptian, English . . . Muslim, Jewish, Christian . . . it didn’t matter.

Initially an army of 100,000 Muslims led by this fanatic laid siege to Khartoum for 10 months. Terrified by the threat, half of the city’s population “crossed over” to the Mahdi’s side and left the city. Days later Khartoum was destroyed, along with the 30,000 remaining inhabitants. This was accomplished cruelly and unmercifully with pikes, swords, daggers, primitive rifles, even picks and shovels. The city was sacked and burned--left in ruins, and the dead left for preying birds and animals.

The British, wishing to avoid involvement, delayed in sending their army. They reconsidered, but the army arrived several days too late to save the city and its people! It was a disastrous decision which the British Empire regretted immediately, and it still stands on the record of one of their “worst hours.”

There is a message here. One would have thought that the Brits wouldn’t forget, but most have. (The French probably cheered.) We must not forget! We are the only power sufficiently large and sophisticated to stand up to the threat of terrorism and we must not fail. If we do, Western Civilization will fail as well, and the world will enter another dark millennium. We can “bring along” allies, if they will join us, but we must do it alone if we can't. There is no acceptable alternative.

Those who feel we should “legally prosecute” or “negotiate” our way out of this threat are missing a serious point. These fanatics are out to destroy the world as we know it, and expressly Western Civilization, and will quit only when they are killed or at least neutralized. Afghanistan was a first step. Iraq is a second. Others will follow, but fail we must not. As in WWII, the only rational exit strategy is victory.

We must defeat this nebulous enemy by whatever means necessary, wherever necessary, whenever necessary, and over whatever time period is necessary.

Posted by respeto at July 4, 2005 1:23 PM