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July 5, 2006

9/11/2001 on 7/4/2006

I’ve pretty much given up blogging. I have little to add to the comments of people with more information, more knowledge and more time. Further many in the blogoshpere are blow-hards who rant about things they little understand. Right now I feel differently.

Last night I had the occasion to see Flight 93 on the tele. It is a movie quite well done, riveting one with its authenticity. It brought back all of the feelings of incredulity, shock, horror and rage that I (and I presume we) felt as we watched the scenes of 9/11 unfold. It also reminded me of my absolute certainty that this time OBL had f----d with the wrong cowboy. No one was going to do this to my country and get by with it. I was mightily relieved that Bush, not Clinton, Gore or Kerry, was in charge.

But before the movie was over I was also reminded of the pea-brained, forgetful, sound-bite mentality of the American public which has largely forgotten the incident, or at least doesn’t factor it into their daily lives and attitudes.

Now, Bush is far removed from my favorite personality, and I held my nose as I voted for him in 2004, but to see the public turn against the war on terror, return to computer games, home refinancing, and the popular “cut and run” philosophy is disappointing to say the least, and frightening if one considers the possibilities.

We are involved in a war which a sizeable minority—approaching a majority--don’t want to acknowledge, and it is a war to the death; a combination of hot and the cold war. Cold in that it will take decades to prevail, hot in the sense that real bullets are flying and real people are dying. (Of course that requires that we forget, as many have, the incidents in Korea, Cuba, Prague, Poland, Africa, Southeast Asia, and others wherein thousands of our own soldiers and millions of others died over a period of half a century as we opposed the USSR.)

I can only plead with my countrymen to be mindful of all this as we pursue our daily lives and our understandable and worthy parochial goals. Islam is not a religion of peace. Radical Islamists are more dangerous than any prior enemy of the West, and their goal is very long term. Indeed, they’ve been fighting their war for over 1,000 years. For them, history begins after they conquered much of the world in the 8th & 9th centuries. They know that they are right. They still consider Spain, much of eastern Europe, all of the Middle East and much of Asia as their property. They are hateful, intolerant fanatics, and enforcing Sharia, a 9th century attitude, upon the whole globe is their goal.

They are not like the proverbial flea climbing the hind leg of an elephant with intent of rape. They have the foresight, the will, and the means to prevail . . . but only if we allow them to do so.

A very long time ago Lincoln observed that a nation of free men will live forever . . . or die by suicide. Let’s keep that in mind!

Posted by respeto at July 5, 2006 10:08 AM