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November 5, 2006

Culture Warrior

Bill O’Reilly – ISBN – 9780767920926

To those of you, few I hope, who can’t stand O’Reilly, there is nothing to say. But for the rational rest, this is another good book . . . possibly his best. Certainly if you exclude his book The O’Reilly Factor for Kids, it is his best, and that was an entirely different kind of book.

He describes the culture war which is going on, despite the denials of many. The “Secular-Progressives (S-P’s) drive on a one-way street all the time. If you don’t agree with them totally, you are the enemy.” They launch attack and smear those who disagree. This is a searing accusation which he sets out to prove. And prove it he does, to anyone inclined to listen (or to read.)

While traditionalists (a vast majority) reject the attitudes of the “S-P’s,” they do not understand, or do not wish to consider the situation. They stay on the sidelines, disengaged.

The S-P’s are completely laissez faire. Everything is relative, there is neither right nor wrong. Drugs, sex, abortion (even infanticide), euthanasia, etc. should be left unregulated. These are simply matters of personal choice. No system is better. Indeed, ours is worse (or worst.) They believe America is, and has been, an evil country. Consider the rantings of Ward Churchill, Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin and George Clooney. Then there is George Lakoff and What’s the Matter with Kansas (a book I reviewed long ago.) A world run by Kofi Annan is their fallback position. They, of course, could do much better.

They are encouraged and represented by the ACLU, an organization supported in turn by millions in S-P contributions. (George Soros and Peter Lewis come to mind.) They are compromising our laws and traditions. Mull over the conflict about Christmas, the Ten Commandments, NAMBLA and the attacks on the Boy Scouts over their handing of gay scoutmasters.

Other aspects of their philosophy come in the form of ludicrous attitudes such as the failure to charge the co-conspirators in the events which led to the capture, rape and murder of a child in FL, or the sentence by the judge in VT who decided that a man convicted of raping a 10 year old girl multiple times over 4 years need spend only 60 days in jail. That is “Restorative Justice.” The fault lies somewhere within society, and needs to be addressed thru therapy, not punishment. “They’re sick.” (They sure as hell are—except for the evil ones--and all ought to be locked up . . . though I have no quarrel with therapy during their incarceration, however little good it does.)

The S-P’s are entrenched on college campuses, and making inroads into primary and secondary schools—with insufficient opposition. Witness conflicts over what will be taught and how, from sex-ed to evolution (or “inspired design.”) Their modus operandi is that practiced by totalitarian regimes throughout history: separate the children from their parents, then proselytize and “brain wash.” In this they are anything but subtle. Government schools are a disaster, but protected by the S-P’s and their minions.

They oppose ID’s at polling stations to enhance the “right” of ineligibles and illegals to vote. They impose their ideas of a education, whether or not we, the unwashed, agree with them. They oppose achievement standards, but having lost the battle over “no child left behind” they now engage in lowering those standards. They oppose proficiency tests for teachers. They oppose permitting poor children to attend private schools, even though their schools are deficient.

Children must be taught to perform, not coddled by “nurturing” environments. But, if impeded, how will they instill “progressive values?”

On their best days they feel that a controlling government ought to force society to be generous and fair, which vision would, of course, require totalitarianism, and that they claim to abhor. Are they that naïve, or do they think the rest of us are?

One can’t debate or reason with them. They are committed to living in a “no traditionalist zone.” A decision must be made by the majority American constituency. Will traditional society prevail or not? This battle must be engaged soon, before it is too late. The question is when, or whether, the great unwashed will finally become involved!

The S-P’s desire a huge government to dispense their ideas of “economic justice” and “nurturing:” the creation of total dependence, which utopian dream is both ridiculous and unattainable. Utopian warriors like Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi etal. are very engaged, but . . . “on the wrong side.”

“There is a right and a wrong in this world. There is justice and fairness. And, finally, there is a strong, binding tradition that has made America the most successful country the world has ever seen.”

There is an alternative to their “Brave New World.” You don’t have to agree with O’Reilly completely, but you simply must read his “rant” to understand the S-P agenda. And then become engaged in doing something about it! If you care.

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