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November 10, 2006

Do As I Say (Not As I Do)

Peter Schweizer – ISBN – 9780767919029

This best seller exposes the hypocrisy of the political left, using examples of powerful and representative people. It catalogues events and attitudes while carefully avoiding ad hominem attacks (unlike those on the left!) For those on the left it ought to give at least some cause for pause--if only they’d read it.

If you think you know about liberal hypocrisy, wait until you read this!

“Do-as-I-say liberals don’t actually trust their ideas enough to apply them at home.”

Michael Moore, champion of black employment, for example, has hired 134 principals, of whom only 3 were black. The same applies in to many of the others. Al Franken: zero.

Conspicuous consumption is a problem which applies to other people. Streisand’s residence--for 2--includes 5 separate homes and a 12,000 sq. ft., air-conditioned barn for her business artifacts. But give Barbra her due . . . at least her charitable foundations actually give away 25% of the assets annually. The others run them as a personal bank.

Ted Kennedy and George Soros demand that the rich be heavily taxed, yet both (and most of the others) have instituted numerous trusts, private foundations and off shore accounts to avoid taxes. Kennedy “fights for the little guy’ and demands that the rich pay their fair share. Of course he avoids them himself.

Soros has made most of his money trading currencies, most of which currencies he influences to precipitate his profits. He has “no moral position” about destroying the British Pound, for instance: just business! “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.” His penchant for “offshore accounts” authored the craze.

Hillary received over $300,000 worth of gifts before exiting the White House--all before she became a senator, thus to avoid rules which preclude this. Not content, she took $360,000 in White House property as well. And the Whitewater stuff you heard about is only a fraction of what they did to screw the “little folk.”

While Hillary sees herself as the liberator of children, Chelsea was rigidly supervised; not permitted what Hillary advocates for the rest of our children, who are supposed to become “masters of their own destiny.”

Nader is a creep. Much of what Schweizer has to say has been said before. But not all! He has millions in more or less secret accounts, and invests in most of the industries he condemns . . . sometimes just before he condemns them, the better to profit by selling short.

Pelosi is vocally supportive of unions and minimum wage, but in her far-flung empire (the wealthiest person in the House) she runs a totally union-free shop and seldom pays minimum wage to her hundreds of employees. She’s an acolyte of Hugo Chavez’s farm workers union, but employs only immigrant, non-union (legal and illegal) Mexican labor in her vineyards and hotels. To hell with “workers of the world unite.”

Chomsky? Well, he is confident that he has discovered the truth and expects us all to follow his precepts. The fact that he doesn’t seems not to concern him. He’s a genuine “capitalist pig.”

Steinem? After a lifetime of advising women to stay single she up and gets married. Great that she finally found love and commitment, but how about the thousands of young women who passed it up on her recommendation?

And the viciously anti-capitalist Cornell West, the race-baiting “Black Studies Professor?” Surprise: he makes a fortune in real estate, the markets, and by charging huge fees for his lectures. He capitalizes on his “blackness” and even makes rap records when he’s supposed to be teaching at Harvard . . . or Princeton . . . or wherever he has negotiated his most recent lucrative contract. But teach at a Black College . . . never. Pay’s too little.

In the left’s moral universe, their motives and intentions are always pure. Their adversaries, however, are always animated by greed: a conservative disease from which they are spared.

Like the conservatives they denounce, they hire only the best people to manage their affair, not those who confirm to some idyllic quota system. The ideas they profess to take seriously are not those by which they live.

So why can’t they stop affixing sinister labels—racist, greedy, polluter—to people who are doing exactly the same thing without the hypocrisy? Answer: Liberals enjoy the moral satisfaction that comes with the knowledge that they, unlike the rest of us, are committed to fighting racism, oppression, inequality and pollution.

“It’s time for the free ride to end.” It’d be nice if the next time one of them is interviewed the questioner would ask: “yes, but do you really live your life that way?”

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