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February 18, 2007

Gutless Brits . . . or not!

‘Bout time for another rant:

T’other night I happened into a presentation on the tele of the history of the Danish invasion of England in the 9th century. By happenstance a day later I grabbed a book, . . . one to read for fun . . . and discovered that Cornwell’s newest paperback The Last Kingdom was about the same subject. (Good book, too.)

The Danes were run out of the British Isles by Alfred the Great, securing for the moment Christian Anglo-Saxon culture and founding England. Later they came back, this time from Normandy, and won England all over again. If the Brits had any guts they’d attack and take it all back and go on to invade Denmark, over which they had some control centuries earlier. Might even consider retaking the middle east and the Holy Land. Instead, the Brits became Danes and the Danes became Brits, they both became English, they all got civilized—yea authored the modern West--and here we are with modernity!

In 732 A.D. Abdurrahman was stopped by Charles “the hammer” Martel from taking over Europe at the battle of Tours: Saracens vs. Christians or Crescent vs. Cross. The Muslims are still fighting the same war, and with great vigor. They didn’t give up! And they won’t until they are whipped. They are certain that they are right, as have all tyrannical regimes of the past.

Of course, Martel was a Frank (i.e. an ancient German) not a modern Frenchman, hence he had some fortitude, and the Danes became Christians and gave up their “Viking ways,” as did most of us in the West. Unfortunately the Islamists are still living in that time frame, totally removed from both modernity and reality, still fighting against history, and each other of course, intending to reclaim what Allah has ordained to be theirs. This “religion of peace” defines peace as a circumstance in which they own the world and Sharia, with guidance from Allah, rules it. We dhimmis will be tax-paying subservients, or dead!

And if we don’t wake up, they might succeed! Imagine being transported to Mohammed’s 7th century. It won’t be much like “Kate and Leopold,” and even less like “Back to the future.”

Posted by respeto at February 18, 2007 11:40 AM