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February 26, 2007

Somebody’s Gotta Say It

Neil Boortz – ISBN – 9780060878207

Boortz has done it again! A blisteringly brilliant book on what’s wrong with America, and how to repair it (though he’s not optimistic!) It ought to be required reading for everyone. Even if you don’t agree, it is worth the time and effort. Even he emphasizes that if two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary.

Early on he observes that “most adults have no idea of how essential our system of economic liberty is to the standard of life we enjoy today.” Few people are aware that democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government; most think we live in a democracy . . . which we are, unfortunately, moving toward, and which wasn’t the idea of the founders. Later: “I have come to the reluctant but inescapable conclusion that roughly 50 percent of the adults in this country are simply too ignorant and functionally incompetent to be living in a free society.”

In a preciously alliterative quote: “You could stick what the average American knows about economic matters down an ant’s throat and it would rattle around like a BB in a boxcar.”

He levels the charge that the teachers unions are a more threatening group than radical Islamists. They are ruining entire generations with their mal-education. His lengthy discussion of the education is consistent with his conviction that it is the single most problematic crisis in America today. “We live and work in an economic system based on competitive free enterprise. . . . We compete for jobs . . . customers . . . clients . . . recognition . . . even mates. Then along comes this government school teacher to tell us that competition is ‘not for human beings.’” Blaaaah!

Who can trust, or live with Islamic fascism? He reminds that these people shoot children in the back.” He has a lot more to say on that subject.

The “Democrat party” (a term he uses constantly, and justifies the slur) wants most desperately to silence talk radio . . . with predictable devastating result for the country’s information cycle. He explains, as he destroys, Liberal Talk Radio, that those who listen to talk radio can identify “bullshit” when they hear it. While willing to consider any rational presentation, audiences are generally intolerant of irrational ones. They may even tolerate irrationality if the speaker does so with humor. “This means that liberals are pretty much screwed when it comes to success in talk radio.” The facts are against them, they can’t carry forth an argument using logic or reason, and “let me know how your search for a truly funny liberal turns out.” He explains why the demise of talk radio will be disastrous for the country. (Democrat destructiveness only begins with that! . . . not that the Republicans have been doing much right recently.)

The last chapter summarizes things he would do if elected President--a job he empathically does not want. This is where his radically rational suggestions flower into a format I seriously doubt anyone with a double digit IQ would not, in the main, favor once arguments are presented.

He brilliantly recommends and explains the loser-pays system for lawsuits, defenestrates state licensure of the professions, eliminates the dep’t of education, repeals the 16th and 17th amendments, enacts the fair tax, reforms health care, expedites executions for capital crimes, ends the war on drugs, and inaugurates a crash program for energy independence.

He implements term limits and replaces the electoral system, leaving the House of Representatives as the highest office for which citizens can vote. He places restrictions on voting since there is no constitutional right to vote! Eminent domain seizures would be severely restricted and he ends asset forfeitures without due process. The U.S. gets out of the U.N. and substitutes a “New League of Freedom” composed of only free nations. Social security would be privatized and border protections are strengthened. Government subsidized housing is replaced by providing it free to all those who want to move to the sites were it is provided.

There are more excitingly radical ideas which are implementable if only the citizens of this country would embrace freedom. We have become soft, irresponsible and dependent upon government for too many things which we should provide for ourselves, and supporting others who are wholly dependent and vote for even more assistance.

His “Dollar Bill Savings Program,” alone is worth the price of the book.

READ IT ! ! !

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