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May 19, 2007

A much overdue 5 minute rant

I haven't been on a rant for a while now. Maybe it's time.

The new immigration bill is disingenuous, at least. Keep in mind that just last year a bill was passed for a 700+ mile fence. This year congress refused to fund it. And recall that under Reagan we "solved the immigration situation for all time." Maybe that's why we have 12-15 million "undocumented workers" now??? Congress will not do as (apparently) most of us wish until we demand it!

No, we can't just deport 12 million people, but the truth of the matter is that many return home after a time, and if we stop illegals from entering, when they return home they will not be allowed here again. And we can deport anyone we find thru the legal process and deport them. Most of that element will be criminal in any event, and good riddance that cadre.

And who believes that we will suddenly identify and "integrate" 12 million people? Think of the bureaucracy needed to accomplish this? At that only with complaince of the illegals. There is no way in hell that if 12 million illegals showed up at the immigration office they could handle the mob. I've tried to determine the actual number of such offices and can't. But if we suppose there are 5000 of them (a number which is likely ten times the actual number) that would be nearly 2,500 descending on each office.

With a track record like congress has, who amongst you really believes that this bill will result in border enforcement and the termination of illegal immigration? Certainly I don't. Go to the following site and register your compliants and insistence if you agree with me:

And permit me to encourage to copy and paste this address into your google search bar as well. Carefully read the article. You may not want to believe it, but there isn't really much doubt about the data.

As I've repeatedly noted, you may be permitted to do with the facts what you wish, but you do not get your own facts!

Posted by respeto at May 19, 2007 11:40 AM