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July 9, 2007

Catch - 22

Long past time for another rant.

If ya don’t letum in ur a ***phobe, if ya do ur a corpse! In any case you’re the evil, intolerant one. That’s the Catch - 22!

The latest “spoiled” terrorist plot in England has me livid. Again we hear drivel about how terrorism is unique to radicals. Bulls**t! The 9/11ers were educated, middle-class, and evil. So were the 7/7ers. Now we have physicians (docs of war?), generally thought to be the cream of the crop, involved up to their gill-slits. “At least do no harm?” Right!

The squalid truth about Islamic aggression is that it is Islamic aggression, most assuredly not based upon specific rational grievances. It is irrational religious fanaticism having nothing to do with education, discrimination, poverty, segregation or the war in Iraq. While spreading to Muslims in the East it is basically a Middle-Eastern phenomenon.

What they want is separate monoculture—labeled multiculturalism--within and tolerated by their hosts, while they themselves are abysmally intolerant as they wait and war to dominate the West. Afterward it’ll be to hell with all tolerance. They feel superior with nothing to prove it, except of course their own perverted opinions.

Their aggression is said to be a legitimate defense of Islamic “values.” So what are those values?
1. Murder or enslave all the Jews, gays and Christians--and the insufficiently Muslim Muslims of course. Who kills whom is dependent upon which sect is involved, since it applies to all, reciprocally. Hence their war of all against all.
2. Deny female equality, arrange girls marriages, beat them if they misbehave, stone them to death if they get pregnant out of wedlock—even if they’re raped
3. Leaving home? Women must be attended and completely covered up. Be anonymous. Even an exposed, stocking covered ankle may tempt and taunt a man and make them do wild sexual things. Right! . . . things like
4. Honor killings. Daughter is seen with another boy without an “attendant” . . . horrors . . . murder her. The men must restore the family honor. They mutilate female genitals, too, to minimize female sexuality. This is the most bizarrely perverted sexual culture on the planet.
5. Insist that the world obey the Koran and its mandates for life; it doesn’t matter whether you agree. Obey! All other religions are false. Should a Muslim choose to convert to another religion the penalty is death. They have all of the answers . . . just ask!
6. And then there is freedom of speech. Just ask Salman Rushdie who is back in the news since he was knighted by the Queen.
7. Attack anyone you choose for any reason; but, whoa(!), a response to that attack is met with the claim of Islamophobia, and justifies another attack by the original perps. They’re defending their honor! Again, bulls**t!

Last night I caught the end of a T.V. interview with self-confessed immoderate Muslim who has become a moderate. He’s now against this nasty stuff (though he wasn’t clear what he was against.) He observed that Americans are “more educated” than the Brits, which is why we have less conflict with Muslims . . . whatever that means. Seems to me like 9/11 was a conflict of sorts, and the fact myriad American Muslims thought it was OK is not reassuring.

As well, he insisted that we recognize the predominant, rational, reasonable, middle-of-the-road Muslim moderates. How? They don’t say much and they don’t do anything. (I don’t believe they are predominant. I doubt they’re even a significant minority.) He commented that “ordinary” Muslims need to take a stand. Well . . . Hussein . . . we’re waiting. Hello out there. We hear nothing that pretends to be an open debate over the issues between you ‘all. Let’s hear from you. How about a “Million Muslim March” on the Capital? . . . not one protesting Islamophobia.

Inasmuch as their stated goal is to establish an Islamic theocracy ruled by Sharia--in our country--I have a suggestion or two:
1. Cease all Muslim immigration from all sources. Since we have difficulty determining which are risky, stop them all. We have malevolence and Muslims aplenty right now. Don’t need any more. A lot fewer might be preferable. Safer, too!
2. Monitor all of the Mosques and Muslim schools all of the time. At the first indication of incitement to evil, charge, try, convict and imprison the guilty imam or teacher . . . or at least evict them from the country.
3. Carefully vet every non-citizen Muslim in the country. “Safe” ones can stay-out their visa but not extend it or return after departure. If there is a question, immediate deportation is appropriate. Want an education? Go somewhere else. Want to live where there is peace and quiet? Fix your own G**D****d country and leave ours alone. It was working fine before you showed up on the world stage. Problems galore but not death in the streets. Didn’t used to have to undress to fly, either.
4. As for Muslim citizens, question them, too. Determine if they are with us or against us. Experience thus far would indicate that over half are against us, and half of the remainder is uncertain. Recent data on their opinions is frightening. I’m not sure what one does with a supporter, but a majority seems to be on the wrong side, and most favor the establishment of “an Islamic Republic.” Republic? Right! Iran is less “republican” than the Nazi Reich.

When so called moderates say it isn’t true and it isn’t fair, as I’m sure they will, I say: prove it! Sound a little cruel, or at least self-righteous. Right! I can get very self-righteous when we’re discussing the future of my grandkids and our country. If moderates exist, speak up. NOW! Maybe these suggestions will give them a little encouragement.

Yo, “moderates,” fix your own bloody religious mess or get the hell out of our country! “Radicals,” before you go further with this war consult the Japanese and the Germans. They’ll tell you what it’s like when we decide we have to fight one. Soon the gloves will come off. Trust me on that! You might also Google Dresden, Germany and Hiroshima, Japan. That’ll give you a little idea of where it’ll all end. You’ve had a few victories which will prove pyrrhic. You will not be permitted to win the war.

It’s true that there has been a recent and palpable loss of nerve in the defense of freedom in, and the defense of the West. Keep pushing. About the time you decide to nuke San Francisco to rid the world of its “queers” you’ll convince even Nancy Pelosi to sanction bare-knuckled, bi-manual brawling.

For a more authentic "take" on the problem, copy and paste this into your search bar. Turn up the sound (or not) and be prepared to hear and/or read a brilliant refutation of Islam of the 7th century in Ms. Sultan's scathing rebuke of an Imam on Memri TV. It is riveting and worthwhile.

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