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September 15, 2007


Melanie Phillips – ISBN – 9781594031977

This is a truly stunning book, written by a prominent columnist for The London Daily Mail. She has produced a carefully chronicled history of the Islamic invasion of Britain, which the Brits have too casually watched and tolerated, and which she describes this as sleepwalking to Armageddon. She notes that Britain has, morally, legally and attitudinally “altered itself to indefensibility.”

Britain is ahead of the U.S. in its dangerous and cavalier attitudes, yet the parallels are alarming. She explains how, after WWII Britain was more or less homogeneous, with scattered, small groups of immigrants from similar cultures which subscribed to the same majoritarian Christian culture. They were expected to fit in, and did so because that is what they desired to do.

No more! There are well over 120,000 immigrants from foreign cultures, who have no interest in assimilating, and citizens who no longer know who they are--or care. They have abandoned and/or are embarrassed by being British. Multiculturalism is the driving force and is “ruthlessly policed” by the state; a doctrine of mandated virtue to promote racial, ethnic and cultural differences and stamp out majority values. She comments, sadly, that “at least in America they have culture wars.” Not so at home.

“Britain has become a . . . society where traditional morality has been . . . replaced by an ‘anything goes’ culture wherein autonomous decisions about codes of behavior have become unchallengeable rights.” Everyone’s boutique lifestyle is of equal value, morality is privatized and personal while norms are considered discriminatory and prejudicial. The authoring creeds of Western civilization have been pushed aside and replaced “by a plethora of paranormal activities and cults.”

The question what is right has been replaced by what is right for me? Moral restraint has been replaced by therapy, and therapists have ruled that restraint is unhealthy and repressive.

The outcome has been the creation of a disorderly, debauched culture of instant gratification, with disintegrating families, feral children, and violence, squalor and vulgarity on the streets. Moral relativism has destroyed the notion of objectivity. Truth is considered variable, optional, subjective or non-existent. Judges are out of control and have redefined values such that they are in opposition to traditional British beliefs. Multiculturalism has demonstrated that all cultures are indeed not equal, and indigenous British culture is considered the unequal. Children are no longer taught British culture or history. Worse, they are oft influenced to deride British tradition and accomplishments.

Britain’s society welcomes all, protects all . . . nonjudgmentally! . . . good guys and miscreants alike. It has become the destination of choice for hoards of misfits and radicals. Once in place courts forbid prosecution or even deportation. It has become the European Mecca for Islam, and Islamic radicals. To be sure the Islamic community is diverse, but frightful numbers are anti-British and pro-terror. Many of the middle-brow, who enjoy England and disfavor terrorism nonetheless support their brethren, or at least shelter them in the sea in which they all swim.

As with CAIR in the U.S., the Islamic foundations in Britain expound upon their intention of “struggling to change the existing society into an Islamic society” (The Koran, Sharia . . . their whole medieval culture.) Imams in most mosques preach intolerance, anti-Semitism, hate and jihad yet remain unchallenged by authorities. Indeed, they are protected by them. Courts forbid expatriation of the radicals . . . gotta be tolerant don-cha-no! There is even a Sharia Council which is “developing claims for parallel jurisprudence:” that is, fundamentalist Islamic Law for Muslims in Britain (and all of Britain if they achieve their goal.)

Because Brits are so ignorant of history they believe that Islamists are motivated by the foundation of Israel. They seem unconcerned by the growth of overt anti-Semitism in their own country. Comparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany go unchallenged. A super-majority of Englishmen support Palestinians over Israelis, and even supporting homicide bombing as a tool. There is the sense of moral parity . . . indeed the Jews are reviled for responding to terror with force.

Phillips suggests that since the Mosaic code first gave the world the concept of morality, self-discipline and laws regulating behavior, the present culture has taken aim at that those principals and self-restraint. It presents a golden opportunity to pummel the people who invented rules in the first place. That is a startling thought.

In a sane world the tolerance of encroaching people who ought to be viewed as dangerous would compel caution, but the ignorance of the public at large in “ultra-tolerant” Britain--pushed over the edge by the war in Iraq and encouraged by Islamists--has resulted in denial of risk.

Even the Church of England is acquiescing to Islamists. It has lost its moral compass along with its faith. The doctrines of Christianity have been replaced by worship of social liberalism. Indeed, the archbishop of Canterbury has apologized for bringing Christianity to the world. Jeeeeez!

There is silence about Muslims persecuting Christians where Islam is dominant. There is no critique of Muslim suicide martyrdom which is peculiar to Islam. Both are condemnable, but no one does.

Muslim leaders have been successful in separating the tenets of Islam from the extremists, hence people say “I abhor an ideology which does such terrible things”, then add “of course these people are not doing it in the name of Islam, which is a tolerant faith.”

The intersection of an aggressive religious fanaticism with the multicultural ideology of victimhood has created a state of paralysis across British institutions. The refusal to admit the religious character of the threat means that Britain not only is failing to take action it should but is providing Islamist ideologues with an even more powerful platform from which to disseminate their anti-Western views.

The real threat is then not terrorism but the ideology that drives it. This is a battle of ideas, but the liberal West, dedicated to reason and intellect, has left this battleground totally undefended, “allowing the unhindered advance of falsehood and hatred.” Worse, the media and the intelligentsia of the left often act as an Islamist fifth column. They seem serious about everything except being serious.

“The West is under threat from an enemy that has shrewdly observed the decadence and disarray in Europe” . . . [most pronounced in Britain]. Whether [Britain] will finally pull itself together and stop sleepwalking into cultural oblivion is a question on which the future of the West may now depend.”

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