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October 24, 2007

A rant on "The World is Flat"

Friedman points out some issues with productivity which I found amusing, if not relevant to the general purpose of his observations, and not of little concern, either:

• One anecdote involved a CEO racing along in Japanese a bullet train using the net. Friedman observes that we can’t even keep contact with a cell phone tower when driving in this country. Droll was the fact that this busy executive was rocketing thru one of the most beautiful countries in the world, yet instead of enjoying the experience he was buried in his task. Whatever happened to remembering to smell the flowers?

• He emphasizes that the Japanese “believe that the mobile phone will become the essential controller of a person’s life,” which I find that scary as hell.

• Another mention was that, with current digital storage capacity, a kid can now have “thousands of songs” in his iPod. Who in hell needs 120 hours of music at his fingertips? The kid would be better if he went out and played tennis. Of course it is now possible to play tennis, alone, on your computer. Who knew? And why would you do it? Seems to me it destroys the whole idea of exercise . . . camaraderie . . . even life!

But, then, according to the Guru, we’re merrily heading toward an exciting life of electronics. And the life-determining cell phone.

Spare me!!

Posted by respeto at October 24, 2007 1:10 PM