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December 27, 2007

Wars of Blood and Faith

Conflicts that will shape the 21st century
Ralph Peters – ISBN-9780811702744

Peters is a retired Army officer with experience in some 70 countries, the author of over 20 books and a recognized opinion columnist who regularly contributes to USA Today, the Weekly Standard, the Armed Forces Journal and the Armchair General (a magazine publication of which he is also an advisory board member.) If anything he is overqualified to represent his opinions in matters military matters, strategic governmental decisions and hard-nosed logic. In this powerful book he presents stunning facts and interpretations worthy of his expertise. And it is a riveting read, pleasuresome while scholarly.

It is a compendium of his columns covering a multitude of topics which include his predictions on the shape of coming wars, suicide bombers, “cartoon riots” commentary, rebels and religion, “Blood Borders” (how the Middle-East should have been, and ought to be divided), Afghan reality, Pakistani instability, ugly choices in the Mideast, Sunni vs. Shia (which ain’t all about Islam), Hezbollah, Israeli struggles (grit, corruption, border battles, wars, errors, etc.), and the “crucial” Indian Ocean.

One of his most stunning observations is what he calls “The Return of the Tribes,” which first appeared in The Weekly Standard (Sept. 2006), and would alone be worth the price of the book, though it is available—and well worth the read--free, on line (copy and paste the following:)

The entire book is facts and observations of similar depth and quality. He tries desperately to convince by noting what it will take to protect our country against this “new breed of enemies.” (What follows is synopsized from the book jacket since I cannot express it better.)

• We have forgotten what is necessary to win wars, which leads to avoidable failures.
• Too many Americans still refuse to take these enemies seriously.
• These enemies will use nuclear weapons if allowed to obtain them.
• Religious wars are impossible to prevent. The enemy desires them.
• The Middle East is headed for greater chaos and Israel may not survive.
“Civilized” approaches to combat no longer work.
• Pop bestsellers have read globalization exactly wrong. We are not headed to greater unity, but to divisive crises of identity.

Beyond that it is impossible to review this monumentally informative and wonderfully readable collection of essays on civilization and warfare in the 21st century. I plead with all of you to obtain and read this book . . . then reread it and harken to the messages! They are both frightening and mandatory. As I have been saying periodically for the last four years, we must come to grips with radical Islamic terror and fascism, and we must begin now. The west must fight or die. That is the choice!

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