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June 8, 2008

Obamaniacs and Demagoguery

In the Wall Street Journal there was a recent comment: “In Mr. Obama, Democrats are taking a leap of faith that is daring, even by their risky standards.”

And why do they “dare”? Well, it seems that they (Dems and WSJ) consider “extraordinary” the fact that a huge number of citizens appear willing to put the future in the hands of an inexperienced young man with no track record who just happens to be a skilled campaigner and an inspiring speaker; one who gives no clue how he would govern . . . assuming he has a clue himself.

What he does make clear is that he will, if allowed, be in charge of us all, take care of us all, and do it in whatever way he sees fit. Of course the details are few, and those few are frightening to the alert amongst us recognize that the devil is always in the details.

I dunno 'bout-chew, but I want to be left alone to care for myself and those I value, with due consideration of others, and immense caution towards those who would tell me what to do, how to do it, and when . . . and then send me the bill.

What this graphically demonstrates is the complete ignorance and naiveté of a large portion of the public. This is what all demagogues and would be dictators have been counting on since time immemorial. In many times, in many ways, and by many sages it has been observed that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

These folks don’t simply ignore history, they are unaware of it. And they don't seem to recognize or care that they are ignorant. They just want someone who is "concerned" to care about them. "Change" (whatever that means) is the mantra of the day. It is frightening to me that these people are allowed to vote in a republic.

Posted by respeto at June 8, 2008 10:26 AM