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December 21, 2009

Welcome to Obamaland

I Have Seen Your Future and It Doesn't Work
James Delingpole - ISBN - 9781596985889

This book is dynamite. Written by an Englishman, I suppose it wasn't expected to do very well. I ordered a few, but my wholesaler was already out of stock. It will be on the best seller lists before long, since it is more informative and readable than any of the conservative "manifestos" of the past.

Delingpole is a conservative, versed in the issues, passionate and nimble when arguing them. He isn't just preaching to the choir, he's trying to make converts. His wry sense of humor exhibits little invective, but enough irony and "twist" to make one snicker as he deftly skewers "Progressives." It should appeal to anyone interested in the future of the U.S., but probably won't be read by many liberals. A pity, that. They'd actually learn something! Instead they'll find themselves countering logic, with their "feelings." One might expect that from an altruistic, addled, adolescent, but adults should never be drawn to a political philosophy derived from feelings. Progressives are noted for their reluctance to deal with anything with the scent of fact, hard evidence or analysis.

He is middle-aged, and came of age during Margaret Thatcher's rescuing tenure, only to see it all flushed down the lou by Tony Blair. As a consequence he's seen our future and testifies to the fact that it will not work, as he explains why. "Few social injustices in the world are so unfair that they can't be made worse by well-intentioned government meddling." Besides, equality is the last thing any of us should want. It's what makes us unique individuals. It isn't fair to distort reality by rewarding those who make no effort, while punishing those who do. It demeans all aspiration and diminishes all achievement. If you arrive where you are because of Big Government how can you be truly satisfied? And when it comes to economics . . . no contest!

Liberty, he remarks, gives "human nature its best hope of self expression." The Left's huge popular appeal is that it requires neither thought nor scrutiny. "Vote Blair, vote Obama and your work is done; you have said all that needs be said about the kind of person you are. Nice, Well-meaning. One of the Gang. . . . [but] vote for anyone on the right and you automatically place yourself in a position where you are expected to justify yourself. . . . 'You may think I did it because I'm a selfish bastard. But . . .'" Seeing the world as it is, rather than as you'd like it to be, is neither easy nor popular with the Left. What concerns the Right is the practical stuff: "family, friends, good food, hunting, a decent game of bridge, a bigger home, a better life, and above all liberty--it is from liberty that everything that makes life worthwhile springs." The Left's greatest victory is having convinced the world that being right-wing is not a political, but proof of moral deficiency.

While socialists talk about equality, Animal Farm testifies to the fact that it is not equality they're after. The masters are always to be more equal than others.

Then he launches into intelligent, logical, fact filled pursuit of many things, including:
• the British National Health Service, not what it's cracked up to be
• global warming, equating carbon trading to medieval indulgences sold by the Catholic Church
• nuclear power, the safest, cleanest way to generate electricity but the bane of liberals
• corruption of the young by movies and culture, and the abolition of winning and losing because it involves "stress." Oh, yea, and the fact that schools don't teach much anymore, other than being fair, feeling good, not bullying, being non-judgmental, etc. Math? Language? Nah!
• that diversity should not extend to the truth, and can be viciously divisive
• that acceptance of plurality of laws leads to disaster; Muslim violence against women is not the acceptable to Western custom and morality and must not be allowed.
• that media coverage of any war involving the U.S. or Britain seems always to fault it as imperialistic; that viewing the enemy as the good guys is ridiculous. We're the good guys, damnit
• the Left's disinclination to support the military or to defend our culture.
• the disinclination to accept absolutism. Why is it no longer permissible to argue that some ideas, cultures, music, books, moral values and systems really are better?
• the Left's way of ending all debate over issues by caricaturing disagreement as "right-wing rants"
• the Left's insistence on devaluing tradition and substituting new think--remember "newspeak" (from 1984) and you'll be reminded of the impact.

As a conservative one believes in tradition; not just because it's quirky, handcrafted, bears the patina of age, tells a great story, and is quite valuable, but also because tradition is something that has evolved and lasted through time It has been assessed and reinforced by generation after generation as something worth keeping. How can one generation be so arrogant as to think it knows better?

What puzzles him most about Progressives is how people who are ostensibly dedicated to "all the nice things in life" can yet be so astonishingly vicious, nasty and bullying in their policies.

Read it. Be informed. Be challenged. Be entertained. Maybe convert? It's worth the time.

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