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June 5, 2010

Muslim Mafia

Gaubatz and Sperry - ISBN - 9781935071105

Be prepared for a terrifying expose of what the Muslim world has in store for the rest of us. "Religion of Peace" be damned. This is the real scoop:

Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America."
Omar Ahmad--founding chairman of CAIR

Now that the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations (the Islamic Society of North America, the full name substituted for by its acronym CAIR) has been deemed by all to be the enemy, first amongst principals in the war on the world by militant Islam, you'd think their discredit would make them impotent. And you'd be wrong. They are still active They still have access to the levers of our government from the Whitehouse to the Hill and on to the Military. It is the locus of political power for the secret Muslim Brotherhood in America, the founder of Hamas, al-Qaida and other terrorist groups. It declares it will dominate the world, including the U.S., by 2050. It does so out loud, if in quiet quarters. It is known by our government, the FBI, the CIA, and the military. It is represented in our congress by people such as Congressman Ellison from Minnesota . . . yet we do nothing to impede it. Most of the handful of concerned people are either frightened away from encounter, or expressly forbidden to do so by their superiors. (Consider the recent murders at Fort Hood, currently being whitewashed by the base commander and the Whitehouse.) Many agents of our alphabet agencies have quit their jobs in protest over being hamstrung by the power structure.

CAIR is associated with convicted terrorists; has provided funds for their defense and adds accolades and support to government agencies in order to minimize damaging evidence. It insists that it is a passive force for the good of Muslims in the U.S. And it is all bullshit. They're neither passive nor good. They are masters at prevarication, and are supported by the ACLU--surprise? They've infiltrated the highest levels of security; they're present in force at Guantanamo; and they're principals in recommending Muslim clerics to counsel in prisons and in the military. They are active in recruiting converts and terrorists. They impact upon anti-terror training in our "hometown" police forces; they're effective not only by infiltration but by grousing until particularly valuable instructors are removed from those positions.

They represent the Muslim establishment in America, and its leaders have declared war on law enforcement; they threaten to--and do--withhold information from the Muslim communities, and intimidate persons in those environs into silence. "The FBI can't point to one time--not even one time--when the [Muslim] outreach program has produced any information that's of investigative value." (That from a senior FBI agent working counterterrorism out of the Washington D.C. field office.) They do this as they rage about "hate crimes" committed against Muslims or their institutions (which, not incidentally, amount to about 10% of those committed against Jews!)

They inflate the number of Muslims in the U.S.: their estimate is 8-10 million--whereas they actually number well below 2 million--thus to influence government of their power to counteract it and offer "voter support" by which congress and agencies are influenced. Official outreach creates discord at all levels of the FBI . . . "except the highest levels where top brass continue to be clueless about the nature of the enemy." (The latter escapes me completely. How do they remain clueless when their own declassified documents confirm CAIR's complicity, authorship and power? I'd submit that this is political correctness on steroids.)

So goes the narrative, page by page, chapter by chapter: 300 pages of expository narrative supported by another 100 pages of appendices and end notes. Gaubatz is a 20 year veteran of military service with another 12 years as a Special Agent with the OSI; a skilled Arabic linguist deployed to the Middle-East for years. He is now a counterterrorism researcher and consultant. Sperry is a media fellow at the Hoover Institute and has written books used by top law enforcement entities; a journalist who has broken numerous stories on the war on terror and its attendant major issues. They know whereof they speak, and what they have to say is frightening, damning and disgusting.

Our government knows all of this stuff, but is unwilling to do much about it. Instead we hear about meetings wherein all parties get together and sing kumbaya, share stories about mutual love, affection and being "people of the book." That and how we all loathe terror and terrorists. While convicting dozens of them we still carefully avoid making a judgment. After all, that would not fit within our official vision of the world. Besides, CAIR and its cronies are carefully cosseted by their religious veneer. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Bahai, Confucianism, Taoism, even Wiccanism . . . all are the same . . . right? Well, as a matter of fact, no. 'Taint right, and most of us already understand that. Why not government?

Hey, this's me. Even I accept that it ain't just Barack, though he's the present prime prevaricator, and likely the most devious, but it's Bush, Clinton, both political parties, the agencies, the military, the ACLU, the council of churches, etc; everybody is so damned afraid of being insufficiently PC that they all just bend over before Muhammad and grab their ankles. This has got to stop! Last year!!

Continuing along:

• Both Homeland Security and the National Counterterrorism Center have issued staff-wide memos imposing Orwellian speech codes.

• The Terms "Jihad", "Islamo-fascism" and "Caliphate" are out.

• The FBI is so bound to "diversity" that when hiring Arabic speakers, Jews are passé, but Muslims are PC . . . and preferentially hired.

• Agents complain the FBI is more worried about offending groups with proven ties to terror, than they are about infiltrating and investigating them.

• Washington politicians and Fortune 500 companies are routinely intimidated by CAIR, and so effectively they make Jesse Jackson look like a piker.

• Last fall's Democratic landslide was cheered by CAIR and other front groups.

• CAIR's boosters on the hill, three blocks from the Capitol, are not limited to Muslims; most of the non-Muslims are Democrats

• Some "forty-strong lawmakers" of both House and Senate continue to sing CAIR's praises.

• Vicious attacks on adversaries of CAIR are ritually launched and usually triumph, but Michael Savage (Savage Nation) stood up to them successfully, though he lost a number of his "lily-livered" sponsors. Paul Harvey caved; Laura Schlessinger did not. Glenn Beck was "encouraged" to leave CNN; Daniel Pipes was trashed by CAIR. The list goes on!

• Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) was a party to the six-imam event on US Airways Flight 300, and he is likely to defend all Islamic radicals as "persecuted." Most of these events are staged in pursuit of ignoble goals.

• After 9/11 Washington allowed agents to start connecting dots . . . but only after . . . and you'll recall just how fast we identified people there-to-for prohibited from being identified. Now much of the PC crap has been reinstituted leading to departures of some of the best agents, departures often under duress.

• Documents uncovered by legal searches have led to mountains of data leading to many indictments, but the "unindicted co-conspirators" are still free to continue their activities unconstrained. They're known to number over 300, but granted immunity.

• There are at least 46 known members of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood--which is illegal here--but they are left alone. No deportation, no charges, no nuttin'.

• The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR behave as do the Cosa Nostra, but are less hampered because of their "religions protections." Their fundamental--and stated--goals (in discovered documents) include: supporting Palestinian terrorists; seeking Israel's destruction; gutting U.S. anti-terrorism laws; loosening Muslim immigration; converting Americans to Islam, with special focus on Hispanic immigrants, black inmates and soldiers, and especially white Christian women; infiltrating the government and institutionalizing Shariah law in America. The ultimate goal is to conquer the entire continent of North America for Islam, and fold it into the worldwide Caliphate.

• Members take an oath to the Brotherhood: "Allah is our God; the Prophet is our guide; the Quran is our constitution; Jihad is our way; and death for the glory of Allah is our greatest ambition."

• Unlike the mob, these people are impossible to "flip." Islamo-fascists would rather die serving Allah. Furthermore, the people in these organizations are not the usual [Sopranos] "goombas depicted on HBO." Rather, they are well-educated professionals: clerics, scholars, doctors and engineers. They hate the West and are dedicated to destroying it.

• Over 30 years ago a couple of Muslim students at Southern Illinois University founded ISNA (the Islamic Students of North America) and promptly purchased 124 acres in southern Indiana, where there were no other Muslims within hundreds of miles. Thereupon they erected a $3.5 million mosque and funded an 80 thousand volume library and a sprawling campus. Where did a couple of kids get that kind of money? "It came from overseas banks, and the FBI never [investigated, because] we're talking about 'religion' and bank records."

• They have established paramilitary camps in Oklahoma, Missouri and other states. They consider America a "pushover." "In America we have a legal slack, or an atmosphere of freedom." Does anyone ever ask why, how, or whether this attitude exists? NO! Or why it is not challenged? NO again!

• If (or as they believe, when) America falls, so goes the rest of the West and therefore the world. The implications are obvious.

• The current (suspected) "Godfather" of CAIR--head of the Washington-based American Muslim Council--regularly rubs elbows with presidents and their staffs (and congress) as he raises millions of dollars for al-Qaida. He has also infiltrated the State Department as goodwill ambassador to Muslim countries and the Pentagon where he created the Muslim chaplain corps for the Military.

• Meanwhile, counterintelligence efforts have been largely directed at old Cold War threats, Russia and China. Authorities have "recently realized" that the new (?) threat may be more dangerous and more insidious! Ya think?

• FBI officials refuse to believe that ISNA officials (see above) are nefarious because "I have lunch with [them] every week and they're nice guys."

• [These] "organizations now represent the entire Muslim establishment in America. And few in Washington have the political will to dismantle it." Are ya scared yet?

The Islamic threat is a many-headed Hydra. A frightening number of "ordinary" Muslims support CAIR's positions and attitudes. Over 25% of American Muslims support suicide murders, and a larger number support the imposition of Sharia, including "honor killings," female genital mutilation and death to homosexuals and Christian converts. Still more--perhaps most--go along passively.

Is there yet hope the official Washington will rise to the issue? Is "J***s Ch***t . . . what the f** k is going on here too outrageous a question?

"America's greatest challenge is in this ongoing national security threat is our reluctance to admit that our law enforcement agencies are some fifty years behind the intelligence gathering techniques of Islamic terrorist groups and their agents such as CAIR and ISNA." Indeed !!

Read this tome. Wake up and "smell the coffee." Maybe send a copy to your representative, or at least call the SOB.

Alternatively, if you want the short version, or to visually enhance the book, buy or rent the DVD, The Third Jihad, released to the public in March of 2010. It is frightening in its presentation, and pleads with "the powers" to wake up and deal with the problem. I'd suggest you see the flick, then read the book. They're "bookends" for the disaster impending if we continue to do nothing.

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