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August 15, 2010

On Liberty

Liberty and Tyranny
A Conservative Manifesto
Mark R. Levin - ISBN - 9781416562856

Men in Black
How the Supreme Court is Destroying America
Mark R. Levin - ISBN - 9780895260505

This is quite a pair of books. I recommend both as informative and scholarly, yet readable. He intentionally expounds upon classic liberalism; liberalism in the mould of Adam Smith, whom our founders consulted as they wrote the constitution.

Modern "Progressives" appropriated the appellation "Liberal" in the early 20th century, having exposed progressivism for the disaster it actually was. Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson soured the American public on the concept. Liberals represented themselves as being those who "liberated," as opposed to "conservatives" who, by default, were represented as those opposed to change. Neither, of course, was accurate, but we've been stuck with the names ever since. Hence our founding liberals would now be conservatives, and progressive-socialists are now liberals, who are again calling themselves progressives in the hope that Americans are short-sighted enough, and sufficiently ignorant of the facts to miss the parallels. Fortunately--for those paying attention--Obama is exposing progressivism/liberalism/socialism for what it has always been. The attempted name change is too contemporary to avoid recognition that they are interchangeable terms, and unattractive as a concept of governance, having been demonstrated to fail on numerous prior occasions.

Levin is a brilliant. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from Temple University, and subsequently graduated with honors from Temple's law school. As young man he worked in the Reagan administration where he quickly worked his way up to Chief of Staff to Attorney General, Edwin Meese. Thereafter he entered private practice, and, in addition is now president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, a conservative public interest law firm. He also has his own conservative talk show about politics and culture. While dogged and dedicated, he carefully builds his case against modern government as he pushes to return to the original designs of the constitutional republic which our founders created. He is one of the preeminent conservative commentators and constitutional lawyers in the U.S.

Men in Black is a treatise on the Supreme Court; how far it has pushed beyond original intent. He demonstrates that the court is no longer one of the co-equal branches of government; rather, it now legislates from the bench. He provides appropriate examples, developing what is considered one of the finest books on the Constitution and the judiciary in many years. It combines history, law and current events into a simple whole which any interested reader can understand.

Levin emphasizes the progressive assault on our constitutional process by a power-hungry judiciary. In each selected example he reviews the constitution and the events which have been undertaken by the "men in black" to intentionally alter the clear meaning of the document. The courts, and especially the Supreme Court, represent the most potent threat to American freedom. They have reached the point where they actually dictate national policy. It is a compelling read.

Liberty and Tyranny
, similarly, explores the results of historic--and particularly recent--governmental directions and their disservice to liberty. He reminds that the Christian apologist, C.S. Lewis wrote "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies."

The Statist, he observes, seeks to impose on individuals a governmental and economic structure contrary to human nature, and attempts to control the individual by subverting his spirit and punishing his natural impulses. It never works, but those in power are trying again. The fact that the New Deal was a dismal failure seems not to be acceptable as fact to those in Washington.

He recalls that Edmund Burke famously asked "What is the use of discussing a man's abstract right to food or to medicine? The question is upon the method of procuring and administering them. In that deliberation I shall always advise to call in the aid of the farmer and the physician, rather than the professor of metaphysics." (Put the em-PHA-sis on the right syl-LA-ble, as it were.) This is always the problem with the Statist and his insistence upon positive rights as opposed to those negative rights provided for in our constitution. One cannot provide for the right to a good job without demanding that someone provide it; nor shelter, food or medicine without causing others to supply it, either directly or through taxes. All are contrary to the American ideas and ideals.

He works his way through education, energy, immigration, regulation (right down to CAFÉ standards), jurisdiction, foreign policy, and most every subject of moment, offering the existing situation as opposed to the original intent. Each topic is explored diligently, cogently and intelligently, and he totally debunks "global citizenship," the current goal of the Left is the idyllic European or the North American Union; agreement between friends. Won't work; can't work; is presently being shown not to work with the contraction of the European common currency, but he, amongst others predicted it. Imagine trying to get it to work, "globally" by including our friends in Iran, North Korea, China, etc.

If one goes beyond what "feels right," what "ought to be," and remains determined to consider what works, what does not . . . and why . . . it is difficult for me to comprehend how anyone reading these tracts could honestly disagree with Levin; unless, of course, one is a progressive with totally different ends in mind.

What the Left is doing to the country, assisted--or at least not opposed--by the Right, is frightening, dangerous, and amongst other things unconstitutional.

Read on. If you disagree I encourage you to justify the reasons you hold contrary opinions . . . at least to yourself, and HONESTLY!

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August 2, 2010

The Manchurian President

Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists
Aaron Klein - ISBN - 9781935071877

This may sound like another rant by some nutty birther, convinced of some wild Russian conspiracy to take over America. It is not! It is written by a responsible, sober journalist in association with a "wicked smart" and effective blogger named Brenda Elliott.

The book is both fascinating and frightening, documenting that "Barack Obama is backed by and deeply tied to an anti-American fringe nexus that . . . was instrumental not only in mentoring Obama and helping him to build his political career, but essentially in overthrowing the moderate wing of the Democratic Party and in securing and powerfully influencing Obama's presidency." It isn't a work of opinion. Throughout it is documented and footnoted, confirming original source materials, and it plainly makes the case that the problem is the real reasons they do what they do: for power, pure and simple. And for all the problems with the Bush administration and evidences of corruption, the boys from Chicago could give anyone lessons in corruption. And cleverly hiding it from those who'd rather not find it (which does not include the authors of this tract.)

It is a critical indictment of Obama, his advisors and their quest to forever alter--ya know, fundamentally change--the American landscape, a goal they have pursued since the 60s. They plan to turn us into their version of what the Soviet Union was supposed to be, until it was taken over by . . . ah . . . well . . . er . . . people like them. Maybe the Russians were more vicious, but give it a while. Many of today's principals went underground for decades, shot cops, bombed public buildings, etc; a majority remains unrepentant, convinced of their wisdom and propriety. Obama's supporters are a Who's Who of radical (often rabid!), left-wing people and organizations, including but not limited to: Communists, communists, socialists, ACORN, the Tides Foundation, the Apollo Alliance, SEIU, MoveOn.org., Ayers, Dohrn, Stern, Soros, Ehrenreich, and Van Jones.

The authors document intimate contacts with Ayers (you remember, the guy from the neighborhood that Obama just happened to meet at a block party) as far back as 1988, and definitively rebut Barack's denials they'd worked closely together over decades. As well it has been confirmed, insofar as possible, that Ayers wrote Obama's memoir (that'd be the one which convinced the world that Barack was an eloquent and creative genius.) "Only in America could an America-hating terrorist [Ayers] conspire with an unskilled writer of uncertain origins [Obama] on an untruthful memoir and succeed in getting the man elected president. This plot is so absolutely rich, so thoroughly cinematic, that the literary gatekeepers refuse to believe it is true." (emphasis mine.)

A majority of leaders in today's non-profit world began in one of the Marxist sects of the 70s; many were trained in the methods of Saul Alinsky--mentor to and icon of left-wing radicals for decades, and the author of Rules for Radials. This is why the vast majority of foundations funded by prominent capitalists such as Rockefeller, Ford, etal. are now so left wing. These radicals have been quietly preparing, and waiting for decades for the emergence of a front man for their movement. Obama is that man. Surely you remember: "We are the people we've been waiting for." In 2008, L. David Alinsky, commented in a letter that "Obama learned his lesson well. . . . I am proud to see that my father's model for organizing is being applied successfully." Indeed. Obama was so effective he became a favorite instructor in Alinskyite tactics for other up-and-coming radicals.

The first time Obama ran for office he did so within the (socialist) New Party, which party was founded by radical Noam Chomsky, Marxist Carl Davidson, black activist Cornel West, Frances Piven, the theoretician behind ACORN, Maoist Bill Fletcher, and radical feminist Barbara Ehrenreich. Great company, right? And, of course, he was fronted and supported by Ayers.

An article in the Socialist Review (Dec 2008) observed: "A lot of the people working with [Obama] are, indeed socialists with backgrounds in the Communist Party, or as independent Marxists. . . . Obama is not a Marxist or a socialist--he is a progressive liberal." Makes me feel a lot better? How 'bout-chew?

Serial and long-term contacts with ACORN and SEIU are documented, as is the intent of that collaboration: to "take down capitalism." Project VOTE is touted as working "within the system" to register poor voters, but their true agenda is to "overwhelm, paralyze, and discredit the voting system through fraud, protests, propaganda and vexatious litigation."

There is considerable exploration aid exposure of Obama's numerous "Czars," along with their backgrounds and intended functions, not least to be able to "advise" (and act) without any scrutiny by Congress, and even less, it seems, by the press. The vast majority are extreme radicals, with most having involved themselves in Marxism and/or Socialism years ago; this while Barack and they deny in public that their agenda is socialist . . . they just want to make it right for all of us. Yep. Noble folk, they is. All of 'em.

Tax "plans" are explored along with "clean energy" and "green jobs;" fig leaves to conceal the far-reaching agenda of progressive social and economic "justice." An entire chapter is dedicated to the Apollo Alliance and the Tides Foundation. Tides is a "public charity" which launders money from people who contribute, but wish to remain separated from what their money actually does. Tides funds the (subsidiary) Tide Center, which in turn (probably) funds Apollo, though "it is nearly impossible to follow--or even find, if you knew where to look--the Apollo Alliance's money." Apollo is very powerful; its stated agenda is the environment, but it actually uses the environmental movement to advance its left-wing political and economic schemes. Several of its originators have been displaced by people more interested political control. We're talking heavy duty hanky-panky here; deeply corrupt and almost certainly illegal. One of its contemporary principals "watched [in horror] the Reagan revolution stall the march toward economic and social justice, and began to hatch sophisticated theories for 'reinvigorating American democracy'."

Needless to say, there is extensive discussion of the evolutionary planning of the Health Care take over recently engineered. That part of it is also scary. The book closes with a prominent "progressive" blogger who takes apart the healthcare bill, herself damning it as dangerous, expensive, and inadequate.

Within are many fascinating asides, some of which are just beginning to be circulated on the net. One which I received only last week appears as a sub-section of this work regarding Obama's invisibility. A fellow graduate from Columbia--same day, same major--insists that he never met Obama, and has never spoken "to a single former Columbia student or faculty member who remembered [him]." Barack claims to have holed up at the library, often missing classes, but no one, regulars or staff at the library, remembers him; there is not a single picture of Obama from that period, not even one where he is mentioned as absent. While he claims to have been active in the Black Student Organization, the former vice-president of that organization was "shocked to learn of his membership." Why all the mystery? Who is he? Obama's Columbia transcript is kept under tight wrap; perhaps he had a "less-than-stellar record, which might raise questions as to how Harvard Law accepted him." Anyone out there concerned about who Obama is or what he represents?

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