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October 23, 2010

Obama's Hypocrisy

Last evening I caught Obama pandering over the election. He spoke, passionately insisting that "we take care of each other" in this country. We Care !! Is that so? His aunt has been in this country for seven years, all of it illegally, yet she has been receiving welfare checks for all of this time. She has been on the street for part of it, and in a homeless shelter for 2 years by her own admission. Now she is living in subsidized public housing, having never asked for it and being unaware of who is her benefactor; all of this on the taxpayers dime. Maybe "we" do actually care for each other, but it doesn't seem to include him now, does it?

I understand that in Africa most cultures encourage successful people to help others. Indeed large villages often sap huge quantities of wealth from even very successful people because of this custom. Barack is a "proud African-American" who has visited his homeland and village, yet, while insisting he's ever-caring he hasn't provided a nickel for his aunt. He's a millionaire, but won't part with rent or food money for her. Similarly so for his half-brother in Africa who lives on less than a dollar a day. Such is his generosity !! The taxpayers provide food, clothing, shelter and medical care for his aunt and he pretends she isn't here.

That, my friends, is hypocrisy on steroids, yet altogether consistent with what we know about Barack and Michelle. Like all Liberals, they are happy to spend other people's money, don'tcha-know? Learned it from Ted Kennedy. He's rich, we're strapped, but welfare provides for his relative. Wow. What a guy. What a family. What a scam. BLAAAAAAAAAAHH

Posted by Curmudgeon at October 23, 2010 2:49 PM