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December 11, 2009

On Freedom, Market Principles and Chinese Proverbs

Recently we're hearing more and more about what government can do for us, as Obama fails to make his point, or to succeed at it. I ran across this quote in random reading, and feel it is cogent to our present, disabling debate on the concept of European "Social Democracy," and our unwillingness to accept the "progressive" premise being forced upon us by people who "know better then we do, and can care for us if we'll let them."

King Barack: just leave us alone

"Teaching a man to fish presupposes that he have a right to fish and a right to keep the fish he catches. It assumes that he can take his fish to market and sell it, and use the proceeds to buy clothes for his kid."
(director of the John Locke Foundation in North Carolina)
Art Pope

Posted by Curmudgeon at December 11, 2009 9:17 PM