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May 29, 2010

Prelutsky says it like it is:

None of this is news, but it is nice to see it expressed succinctly.

"Affirmative action was created in order to give racial preferences to blacks in order to make amends for slavery and Jim Crow laws. But after nearly 50 years, try to suggest it's time to put racial quotas aside, and you will find yourself tarred as a racist.

"For the past 30 years, Islamics around the world have targeted Americans, but suggest that they constitute a toxic menace and you're labeled a racist.

"For the past quarter century, millions of Mexicans, who were not escaping political oppression, have felt entitled to stream across our border, to take advantage of our schools and hospitals, to fill our streets with drugs and flood our jails with criminals, and if we even complain about it, we're called racists.

"The unfortunate thing is that just as the Communists perverted the meaning of "comrade" and homosexuals perverted the meaning of "gay," the self-righteous leftists have perverted "racist." It no longer means a person who is racially intolerant, who would harm or subjugate another human being because of his skin color, but, instead, denotes someone who really is color-blind and who judges people solely on the basis of their character.

Today, the reality is that someone who attacks other people -- for instance, members of the Tea Party -- as racists, is, more likely than not, a racist, himself, who refuses to look beyond pigmentation."

Burt Prelutsky

Posted by Curmudgeon at May 29, 2010 4:39 PM